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Lifestyle of Argentinian women.

Latin-American is all a mix of races, backgrounds, languages and customs. There are also remarkable differences between countries and their life styles, mainly influenced by their roots, indigenous, Spanish or other European roots. Argentina is largely impregnated by the “Tano” Spirit, meaning the Italian way. Their background, cuisine, culture, body language and slang are all influenced by these Mediterranean European roots. Even if you are a Spanish native speaker you will find entirely different words for things and their meaning will totally shift.  But let’s get down to business, Argentine women have a very cool fresh style and they know it. Here some hints to Argentine look.

Long Hair. Hair is usually a very important feature in Argentine women. The length that goes from shoulders to half-back is usually worn free. The range of colors go from light brown to blonde. It is common that Argentines have light brown hair which they enhance by adding some blonde high lights.

Scarfs, handbags and accessories. They are simply an essential part, usually adding some color or contrast to the look. Scarfs and hats will be used in winter and autumn always in a cool combination with the rest of the outfit.

Comfortable but cool looking shoes. Argentines walk a lot, and they sometimes bike to work. Therefore, shoes need to be nice but safe to work and move around. Usually, high-heeled shoes are only used in special occasions and the everyday, boot or shoe is used with middle size heel or a small platform, which will enhance the shoe but it is still comfortable and safe to walk around. Shoes are very important especially in summer, where the heat is around the 80s and the loveliest sandals and open-ended shoes will be used.

The makeup. Argentines like to look natural for their daily look, so the make-up will be very discrete but the European, especially the Italian summer trends are followed, and lipstick is very important. It brings out that one feature that Argentines love, sexy, perfect looking lips. (usually worn in combination with nails)

Nails. The manicure and pedicure is something basic, mostly in summer where the hands and the feet need to be in perfect combination. Usually happy classic colors in the range of pinks and summer reds will be used.

Overall our look is sexy but neat, the bright “fluorescent” colors are avoided and more natural happy colors are combined. Autumn is now in the southern hemisphere, so most of the colors are in grey, black, the range of blues and deep greens. But as soon as the first days of spring summer start to come, we will dust off the lovely dresses and summer flowered-skirts.

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