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Making choices.

So I recently wrote a post Decisions…decisions about what it is that makes me happy and focusing my career in the direction that I want it to start going. Well I finally made my decision, and I am so incredibly happy about it!

I am going freelance!

I’ve been a freelance content writer before, all throughout third year of university and I absolutely loved the work. But moving back home, I needed a job with a bit more consistency so had to hang up my freelancing apron for some time. Now that I’m working a consistent amount at the bar, and it is a job that I genuinely enjoy, I decided to hand in my notice at my internship last week. It was a big decision, and one that I did not make lightly but it was something that I needed to do for myself. My family are wary of it, but understand that I need to do this for me. They are happy to support me, plus with a couple of extra hours at the bar and the new pay rise, I will be earning more than what I was at the internship. It kind of fell perfectly into place.

After handing in my resignation and telling my manager at the bar that I was going to be available to work more hours and organised all the logistics, he dropped a bombshell on us…..he is leaving us to focus on his own business. Now Scott is a wonderful human being, and he is part of the reason why I enjoy working at the bar so much. So to hear that he is leaving just as I am becoming a bit more full time was a bit of shock. I had a feeling that he wanted to leave, and that he was planning on it but it still shocked me!

I completely understand why he has decided to take this plunge, he wants to focus on his passion and not be in a job that makes unhappy anymore. We’ve spoken a lot about his decision, because he and I are kind of in the same boat. And it has been amazing to be able to share all our fears and worries, considering not many people our age understand what we are doing. But the risk is worth it if we can reward ourselves with happiness, passion and hopefully profit.

So although I am slightly terrified, I am so incredibly excited! Plus I have the assurance of a weekend job just to make sure I have enough moneyto tide me over for some months. My parents are being supportive, letting me know that if I need a bit of help then they will be there. My friends have been really supportive and have seen a massive change in my attitude and mood. I know I’m not jumping into this venture alone, and if it all goes tits up well at least I’ll have some decent blog content!


4 thoughts on “Making choices.

    1. Thank you Eve, it was a big decision to make but I’m only a week away and I just feel so calm about it all. Definitely excited to see where it takes me and also focus on myself.


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