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My travelling wishlist

Ever since walking along the World Showcase at Epcot in Florida when I was little, I have always yearned to travel. Right now I’m focusing on making myself a happier person and my career, but I still really have that need to travel itch. There are so many places in the world that I want to visit, but it is safe to say that I definitely have a top few on my bucket list that as soon as I can afford it, I will be buggering off to!

1. New Zealand

I mean, just look how gorgeous it is from this picture! I can see myself going on so many adventures here, there is just so much beauty to be seen and I want to see it all. I know with New Zealand, at least for me, I would need to spend at least a year here. I’d work, I’d write and I would explore! My mum has a friend who lives in New Zealand and so I’m able to stay with her, as well as having some family out there on my dad’s side.

As soon as someone I meet tells me that they have been to New Zealand, I ask them a million questions as I just need to know all about it. It is definitely a dream of mine to live and work out there, hopefully one that won’t take too long to achieve. With a bit of hard work and some smart saving, I will be over there living my dream!

2. Buenos Aires

When I worked for a company writing travel content, I was asked to write about the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. I didn’t really know much about it, but as I started researching all the different activities you can get up to in this glorious city, it clambered up to one of the top spots on my list of places to go. I was learning all about the beautiful galleries that they have on offer, as well as great music and delicious food. Everything I read about just made me want to go more.

I want to experience as much of the culture this city has to offer; trying the local cuisine, dancing the nights away and traipsing through the galleries as well as catching a show at one of the many theatres. It will definitely be a full packed trip, but one that I cannot wait to take!

3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica just looks like a mystical nirvana from the pictures that I have spent hours sifting through. Yes hours. Because I am slightly pathetic. But that is besides the point, the point is that this exotic country just keeps calling my name. The idea of trekking through the jungle and finding a beautiful waterfall to jump in just sounds so perfect to me. I just want to explore this amazing country. I have no idea why, but I was chatting to this guy that mentioned how he wanted to go, and when I started looking it all up I decided that Hell Yeah! I want to go too.

I have no idea what I would really do here, but then spontaneity is always fun!


What are some of the places that you have on your travel wishlist? Maybe I’ll end up adding them to mine.



4 thoughts on “My travelling wishlist

    1. My parents are going to Hawaii this weekend as it has been a dream for my mum. It does look amazing, I would definitely visit every single island if I went, wow I never though of Puerto Rico but I’ve heard great things about it!


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