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Monday evening I asked my dad if he wanted to go for a swim at the local club, I just thought that considering I had the night off why not take advantage of the pool and it would be nice to have some quality time with my dad (something that never happens).

As soon as we are in the car, a lecture begins. My dad tells me that I have changed as a person ever since I started working at the bar. Apparently I have been snappy, grumpy and various other things and he was blaming it all on working at the bar.

His lecture consisted on telling me I should work less hours at the bar and focus on my writing a bit more, especially if writing is what I want to do in life and is something that i am passionate about. But then he went on to say that at my age, I shouldn’t waste my time on things that I am not passionate and things that make me unhappy.

This I completely agree with!

I shouldn’t be wasting my time with something that makes me unhappy. And I do really want to focus on my writing and building this blog even more. But with working two jobs, I just don’t have the time to build up my writing portfolio. So it has got me thinking about what I should do. I know that I can’t fully sustain my life with just my writing right now, but I could do it with just one job.

So I want to talk to my manager at the bar about training me up to be supervisor. I want negotiate a higher wage, I can then work nights and focus on my writing throughout the day. I know that my family will be disappointed that I want to give up my job in publishing, but it is the job that I dread going to. Although some of the people I work with are great, but I don’t feel challenged in any way, I have no passion for the work and I am constantly counting down the hours until it is over.

This is a big decision for me, one that I won’t make lightly, especially when I’m going to be making sure I have all the information to make an informed decision. But like my dad said, I shouldn’t waste my time being unhappy, and I know that working at the publishing house is making me incredibly unhappy. After everything that happened Monday night, I know longer want to live my life trying to please my parents, I want to do things that make me happy, that are for me.

But I will keep you updated.


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